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Best book on craft based on scholarship and studies on Shakespeare (how Shakespeare would write) (1 Viewer)


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This one gave me an easy way to understand how he would write a story. Motivation is the most important part of characterization. I bought it on kindle. These are Shakespeare's toolbox tools.

Ask if you have any questions. BTW, ask me here. I haven't finished reading it yet. But this book helped me understand goal, motivation, flaw, and conflict. It's the best book in my library. The export limit is at 10%. I don't know if that is enough but I can live with the limitation. Because I am interested in highlighting and creating a summary.

If you want to read Shakespeare's works with commentary this other book is the one to get to study his works. It was edited because his works are hard to understand. Sometimes he uses works like mutton which aren't common which means sheep meat (and these anachronistic words can be found in a lot of his works). I haven't bought the second one. But I plan to since I want to understand all the author's points. Plus, I want to read the criticism of Shakespeare's plays.

It tells you how a flaw really works and how that affects the character behavior. All the books I bought previously didn't help in this regard.

Because many English words of the lexicon have been lost because of the evolution of language depending on the needs of the person they could buy this:

(In case the lexicon is too difficult) Shakespeare's Words: A Glossary and Language Companion

I might buy that since I already own a collection of Shakespeare's works and it is cheaper. I could get it on a later point in time. I am thinking it over since there's this book on metaphors I want to buy. Plus, I bought this book today on creative writing. I didn't know what it consisted off since it had a thesaurus inside. It had no exercises. But now I feel more confident and I do not feel not as scared to write a story. That creative writing book advertised itself as a creative writing course. But this is to me better since it gives new definitions of the important elements of a story that are easy to understand. The person knows what they are talking about.
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