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Besides novels, what do you read? (1 Viewer)

Story Unlikely

Senior Member
We all have novelists we like for our own reasons, but besides that, I'm curious what else people read. There are so many small press, ezine and other access to authors, not to mention traditional magazines and anthologies, that it can be a little overwhelming. What is it that you've taken to, and why them?

One obscure place I like to read is Memoirist, simply because I have a hard time finding good narrative nonfiction.


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I read books that contain information I want. That's mostly life improvement and history and various nations' mentalities.


Friends of WF
Great question!

For fiction alone....

Publications: Short Stories & Novella:

Zoetrope All-Story
(physical, and a much too-tiny bit online)​
Because I want to support their process and the workshop site, below​

The Magnolia Review
Because they attract interesting semi-pro work​

Carve Magazine
(online, and now and then, a physical issue, to celebrate)​
Because they publish authors I have reviewed. And they agree with me.​

(online, when I can afford it)​
Because it all swirls over this-a-way​

Slate Magazine's Future Tense Fiction project
Because they write thinking pieces about the near term could-be.​

(when I can afford it)​
Because they get the goodies before the bloat sets in​

Old anthologies from Used Book Stores
Because the way we wrote in the mid-20th-century, when first my reading-light turned on, still rings with me​

Collections by authors I admire from the Library, as available
Because here are the small fiction pieces regularly better than the continual tsunami of big buck contract-fulfillment. Latest was Don Winslow's Broken.​

(online, physical when it's really good and I can afford it)​
Because they publish a wicked-good future like Paulina Flores​

The New Yorker
(online, when they deign to show something)​
Because Jill Lepore writes here, but non-fiction, I know. I just want to shout for and crush on her. Because George Saunders writes here and I like to face the sun.​

The Atlantic
(online, when they deign to show something)​
Because they will surprise me, once in a blue moon​

(online, but you seriously need to filter the gratuitous shit)​
Because sometimes I need a quick fix.​

Everyday Fiction
Because sometimes I need a quick fix.​

Short Fiction Break
Because sometimes I need a quick fix. (yeah, yeah; fella gotta have more than one corner.)​

And, to engage the up-and-coming, some writing workshop sites:

Writing Forums
Because right now we are doing this. And because, in six months here, I've bumped into at least three authors who will soon have no time for lowly us.​

Zoetrope Workshops
Because I have 20+ years history over there and can still read the churn and can still now and again give the really good stuff a helpful prod. And because I sometimes get an earthquake thrill like: "...after reading your review, I’ve felt seen, understood, and the all too rare, taken seriously."

Because some new authors I admire post here​

Yes. Read. Voluminously and promiscuously.