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Berserker (1 Viewer)


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Growling like a rabid wolf
I bite my oaken shield
Roaring like a furious bear
I tempt my enemies flee
No mail, nor scale, nor leather
Does protect my flesh
Clad but in meager bear-skin
I stand a lord of death

The first man falls beneath my axe
His head split wide and deep
And merrily do I grin wide
As I hear the bastard scream
My next blow cleaves a man in two
His guts spill on the ground
His brothers witness this fell sight
And scatter wide around

A careless man from my own folk
In my path has he strayed
I spare him not, for gods care naught
Where blood flows from today
And though the swords and arrows
Do wilt away my flesh
I shall not stop, for such is fate
It's victory or death

And as I howl in furious charge
Our enemies do flee
Their cities, treasures, womenfolk
The Saxon cowards leave
Our warriors pour o'er their walls
Put young and old to sword
Our enemies while pray in vain
To Christian corpse-god

But then a foe-strike sunders me
In rage I have grown lax
As I cut down one Saxon
Another strikes my back
I twirl around and take his head
Alas, it is too late
What Norns have woven, now has come
To be my one true fate

And as I fall unto the ground
Blood gushing as I die
I look one last time to the skies
And see the valkyries fly
Farewell, dear mother, father
I knock on Valhall's gates
Tonight I dine with Odin
For such is my true fate

Phil Istine

WF Veterans
Some fairly detailed gore there. Using end rhyme/half rhyme and form of meter seems to lend a comedic feel to the blood and guts. Mention of an oaken shield took my thoughts to Thoren Oakenshield of Hobbit fame.
An entertaining read, thanks.


Senior Member
I concur with Phil, this piece has some fairly detailed imagery here, especially about gore. I love it! What an epic piece! Reminds me of Beowulf.