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Being showy in writing (1 Viewer)

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Kyle R

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Hello all.

So as you know, one of the biggest hallmarks of good writing is being showy as opposed to being telly.

I have been struggling with this a little bit because in some situations, I find it difficult not to tell to move the story forward.

Sometimes it's easy:

Telly: He was a rich man. Showy: In his garage, a crimson Ferrari gleamed under the light.

But sometimes it's not possible. Or at least I can't find a way to do it:

1. She radiated charm. >this is telly and I don't know how to make showy.

2. She didn't try to hide the mockery in her voice. >again this is telly.

So in this thread, I would like to ask questions about situations where I find "being showy" difficult.

Not everything has to be shown. Telling is also quite useful. They're both different narrative techniques.

The "Show, don't tell" advice is aimed mostly at beginners, who often make the mistake of telling far too much, and not showing enough. It doesn't mean "Show everything and NEVER tell!", as that would likely make the prose feel both awkward and artificial.

If you're finding instances where it seems hard to avoid telling, then that could very well be a sign that telling is the superior choice, in those specific cases.

Sometimes you have to trust your judgement, even if it conflicts with popular advice. :encouragement:
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