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Before I Judge Others (1 Viewer)



Not one line of words has made it across that stark white paper desert. Mentally, I have managed to bury them deep within my psyche. So, unless you have time to kill, don't hang around to hear the first typewriter key strike the naked sheet. The old Royal is my partner in this conspiracy of silence.

Of course, I know why I'm not writing. It has to do with my current assignment, "Write About The Vilest Person You Know."

My writing instructor, Jeanette, I think I know her strategy. She has set the old fiction writers trap to unmask the true identity of this crafty and sometimes pretentious writer.

Still, I prefer to stand in the light and play my role on this stage called life. I'm afraid of the dark. To write about the vilest person I know would force me to step out of the light and wander down those dark corridors of my mind to secret places. Things that are hateful and cowardly often lurk in such dwellings.

The greatest fear I have of entering those forbidden chambers is that I will ultimately come face to face with someone I really know...Me.

So. I'll just say thanks but no thanks, and pass on this particular assignment. I will stay in the light where I can play my role upon this stage called Life.