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Beasties (1 Viewer)


Staff member

Bugs and bugaboos
Eating seething breathing
And a little bit of grieving
Salivating gyrating hip hop hopping monsters
That only a beastie mommy can love
Inhospitable and very pitiful with bloodshot
Eyes rotting gums festering wounds and
Sin stained souls that ties them forever to hell

beastie commentaries:

we's bugs,
we's funs loving beastie thugs


Staff member
We s beasties weep for noone reads us
we s damned and alone, no place, no home
how dare you ignore us we s not the flu
if you don't reads us we'll come for you


Honoured/Sadly Missed
W e've bin warned
I 'll take that as a threat
C oz I can't see much choice
K iss of death
E ach to hiz own
D ing dong danger