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Beasties Sings those Songs of Wicked Things (1 Viewer)


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Beasties Sings Those Songs
of Wicked Things

On tattered wings we s floats and flies,
high high up in stormy skies
we sings of heaven’s pearly things
as we brings our bows and slings

on ocean clouds we skims and drifts
flap flap flipping on our backs
paddling our wings on vaporous strings
as we adapts to heavenly traps

Bewares! Bewares!
the Knights of Lights
they bites and they fights
with spiked fangs and pikes
no mercies they shows
they gnaws and nibbles
our toes
stinking the air
with celestial farts
and ripping out our blackish hearts

never never will we s beasties retreats
or allows and accepts any types of defeats

beastie beastie
time to feastie
eat eat eat
that sweet and succulent~
clean and lean

Beastie Commentaries:

we s love to eats
angels meats
it melts in our mouths
so sweets
tasty and leans
angels treats
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