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Beastie Treat (the beastie succubae) (1 Viewer)


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Beastie Treat #4 (the beastie succubae)

We like the taste of your fingers and feet
they smell delicious and pungently sweet
legs and hands sleek and soft as rain
it’s orgasmic! when you scream in such pain

how dare you think us as cannibals!
like some sick vicious and sadistic animals
was it not you who dreamed of the dead?
did you not lie happily upon our crimson bed?
what did you think we would do?
pant groan moan and lust after you?

but in our way that’s what we intend to do
to eat every last little bit of you
for GOD has given you to legion and mE-
and a human beastie you so shall forever be

In hell you’ll pay
in hell you’ll stay
never again in light you’ll be
only horror will you ever see
damned you are damned you’ll be
damned forever and eternity

Beastie Commentary:

human meat tastes sweet
especially the fingers and feet



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Senior Mentor

Your beasties' comment sounds like Juliet's remark: 'that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet;' your poem does well to get beneath superficial argument to the guts.


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Another delicious Beastie poetry treat!

did you miss the word 'of' in this line

how dare you think (OF) us as cannibals!