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Beastie Seeds (language warning) (1 Viewer)


Staff member
Beastie Seeds #15

on we sings with severed wings
twisted toes and other things
we crawl slides and hides
in hairy thighs well worn lies
and bug-assed eyes
we fight bite sting and stink
lick suck fuck and drink

to make you bleed so we can eat and feed
on your tainted sacred seed

it’s what we need…

Beastie Commentaries:

we curses like sailors
that's what we s like to do
why be offended
it's meant just for you


Senior Member
Beasties are like bigotry kings here only to hear no objection from the silent subjects..... It felt like you had been in one to one conversation with one of the king Beastie. And the Beastie king really threatened to cross the boundary of seeds, if would ever feel like, so better just feel their existence, not undermine them.

Enjoyed it dear Beastie story teller.
Thanks for sharing it.