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Beastie Carol (1 Viewer)


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Beasties Carol #10

it’s such a grisly ghastly
brutal thing
when little beasties
sings bites and stings

bugaboos and bugabees
tiny bugs bloated slugs

crawling creeping
never sleeping
gnawing goring
some are snoring
others falling
all are feeding
forever needing
eating seething
always breeding
fear and loathing
is their calling

peek a boo
peek about
beastie in
beastie out
between the cracks
on the floor
in the dirt
behind the door
don’t let them in
sweep them out
close the door
dig out the dirt
seal the cracks
prevent attacks

before they bites
and stings and sings
of dastardly dank
and darkly things
they grouse feast
and dance about
and hippidy hip hop and


You better Watch Out
You better not lie
You better not cheat
I’m Telling You why
The Beasties are a coming
Yes, the Beasties are a coming

------To TooooooWWN-----

and we s very very hungry…


beastie commentaries:

we s a coming to town
to makes you scream and frown
for we s are your beastie circus clowns
as we's beats you on hallowed grounds
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Haha... I felt quite breathless reading this aloud. It's a real tongue twister!

Haha, love this:
bugaboos and bugabees
tiny bugs bloated slugs