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beaSTIE bAbiEs (1 Viewer)


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beaSTiE bAbiEs #3

When a beastie mates it salivates
its demons blood of goo and mud
It squeaks it squeals it howls it reeks
from passion dripping off its cheeks
It groans it moans it eats its bones
as fangs rip and sink in beastie stink

Beastie Babies crawl about
Beastie Babies sing and shout
Mommies lost and Daddies gone
Damned We Be! Alone We Suffer!
How can one scold us when no one will hold us?

When a beastie cries the child within dies
darkness creeps in with nothing but sin
malice takes hold-- the heart turns ice cold
humanity suffers as hell’s troops grow strong-
heaven abandoned the damned and its children
to wander the world with their hate made by fate

Beastie Mommies howl in anger and pain
Beastie Daddies show disgust and disdain
Unsanctified unions bring lust and confusion
What need for a baby they just cause us more shame
How can one judge us when no one will love us?

When a beastie prays it’s for the end of all days
total annihilation will bring relief and cessation
for only in death will peace finally come
but Death in ITS wisdom makes them live on forever
for they are ITS children without hope or a home
and though they’re forgotten cursed damned and alone

Humanity needs them—
to show which road leads to Hell

Beastie commentaries:

we show evil ones which road to takes
turn left and jump into the fire lakes
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it's lyrical poetry and for me all poetry is song-but this has never been sung except by me


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I like the way capitals in the title are followed by bold in the poem. I love the way what sounded like a chorus was echoed with different words by a different generation.

I think in Stanza 4, Line 3, 'brings' should be 'bring'.

I'm also quite glad my non-existent sense of direction may serve me this time.