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'Beach Road' James Patterson and Peter De Jonge (1 Viewer)



I had been waiting to read this book for a while and my mom got it as part of my birthday. I finished it in three hours. I LOVED it. However, there was one thing that I did not like about it. As an avid fan of James Patterson, I found this to be the first book he had done with a co author where you noticed the difference in writing styles. James Patterson is a writer who can have me glued to a book and not want to put it down. ‘Beach Road’ took a little while to start. However by the end of it I was hooked.


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Lynn-Alexandria said:
As an avid fan of James Patterson, I found this to be the first book he had done with a co author where you noticed the difference in writing styles.

I'm sure you'll find that James Patterson did not even put pen to paper as regards the writing of this novel. He doesn't see you as a fan, but a sale. It's not about quality to him but about quantity and, in order to do that, he outlines some stories and gets someone else to write them for him and then puts his own name on the cover in order to brand it. That's why he manages to put out so many books a year (eight, I think) - he's only writing a couple, the rest are done for him. But, because his sales are so huge, the money brought in is never enough to keep him happy but will certainly getting the hack in his employ happy with the royalties.

JP Wagner

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actually, there are some authors who write all the time hwo can produce alot more than eight novels a year. Nora Roberts produces 11 or 12 novels a year and they are all soley by her. She writes for 8 hours a day.


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Enid Blyton used to write one a week but at least she, like your Nora Roberts, wrote them. James Patterson doesn't write all of the books with his name on.


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I haven't had the chance to read anything by Patterson, but I'm hoping to get to the bookstore soon and pick up a book or two...any suggestions?


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4th of july seems to be gud and people go on about the bone collector and stuff, dont go near his site though, it will turn u off him when u see his smug dumbass pose. Actually no, you should, go to about patterson and see what a true hack looks like.
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