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Be a Name Dropper! (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
......What a Fine lady
.....With an Awfully unique name
..She takes No nonesence
.Fanny was Never afraid to speak her mind.
.Her mummY and gran were Fannies

...Joining a Bright line of fannies.
.She had eaRned amazing achievements. She used them to
......Serve jUstice for the universe

Olly Buckle

Tallies, sorted and counted
resulted in the unexpected,
underscoring the failures
made by an un-engaged

Conservative by most standards
Liberal to American eyes
Ignored in the ballot
Nudged out
Taken for granted and
Never to return.


Senior Member
Beautiful chanting of the
nAtives, alongside their
dying pRecious goat, singing:
"And youR soul willl live
in eternal harmOny;
until the end, until the eNd."


Friends of WF
Altruistic to a fault
Unusually uncanny
Never complains
Tries hard to speak truth
In every situation
Even with stupid people

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