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Ban the person above (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
We do this on another forum I am on. You think of a playful way to ban the person above. Like: "Banned for a picture of a wine bottle with Plato because Plato would have never gotten drunk" or "Banned because I said so" or...well, you get it. I'll start.

- - - Updated - - -

Banned for banning yourself.


Creative Area Specialist (Fiction)
WF Veterans
For making the weaker argument seem the stronger, flooding the forums with arbitrary posts and posting when drunk. Enough said?


Senior Member
Banned for attending the forum with wild and dangerous creatures in tow.


Senior Member
Ahh! I have been banned unfairly! I have been banned on a misunderstanding! I was, in fact, referring to the snow leopards.

And so, I hear-by ban MzSnowLeopard (again) for banning a member using false evidence.

EDIT: actually, I ban Mistique for posting while I was still typing and stealing my thunder.


WF Veterans
Banned for not having been specific when referring to dangerous animals. And for assuming that snow leopards are dangerous. Yes they're wild animals but they prefer to avoid humans.


WF Veterans
Banned for starting this game. Before you know it there won't be any members left with all the banning you promote.

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