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Ballad of the Two Knights (1 Viewer)


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The full moon shines amidst the stars
And on the lake below
Lone warrior where in his boat
Across it quietly rows
Wind rustles through the bamboo groves
And blooming cherries white
One must but wonder what brings out
Lone swordsman at this night

Dark thoughts do cloud this warrior's mind
His purpose darker still
For in this quiet, peaceful night
He has set out to kill
A hated foe he once called friend
And loved him like a brother
Of jealousy did unto him
Betrayal like no other

'Twas not for favour, titles, lands
Bestowed by their lord
Nor glory, fame that warriors claim
In battlefield by sword
Alas, a maiden gracious, fair
Once stole the hearts of both
She married one, in jealous rage
The other made fell oath

If by his side this maiden fair
No longer have he could
The so would not his former friend
Of this he make sure would
And so the jealous knight soon did
A murder foul contrive
And sent his henchmen cruel, vile
To make the maiden die

They found her in a cherry-grove
And put her to the sword
She cried out her beloved's name
As her last dying word
Too late the hero came to save
His new-wed wife beloved
He found her in the cherry-grove
A blood-debt was now owed

Although her killers did he know
Heart filled with rage and hate
He had no proof, if he lashed out
His head would be forefeit
But with his wife dead in the ground
The hero did care not
He happily would pay the price
So long as his foe would rot

How many of the henchmen low
This star-crossed knight did slay
Nobody knows, but it is still
In awe talked 'bout today
Until in end did just his foe
Betrayer foul remain
Agree the two to settle things
Did on that fateful day

Two warriors with mortal grudge
By lakeside do meet now
Two men have come, but only one
Away from here will go
In greeting do the feuding knights
Do to each other bow
In silence draw they sabers keen
Their battle begins now

Until the morning light, it's said
They slowly circled 'bout
Until when dawn's first rays would shine
They finally struck out
'Twas but a moment when their swords
Against each other clashed
The hero dropped down to his knees
With his breast deeply slashed

In triumph did his foe laugh out
But his laughter short was cut
For the hero also had his sword
Plunged in his rival's gut
So fell the quarrelers side by side
Their feud stopped by death
In which did neither of the two
Would prove the other's best

Before the righteous knight would die
He did see his wife's face
Amdist the falling cherry-blooms
Again they could embrace
At least that's what the legends say
The truth does no one know
For that is how all stories are
With ages do they grow

It happened many centuries back
The names of knights are lost
And of the maiden fair as well
They are now naught but ghosts
But when in spring do cherries bloom
Do still the feuding knights
In mornings on that same lakeside
Their eternal battle fight
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