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Balance (1 Viewer)

River Rose

Senior Member
I am missing a male presence in my life.
Living with one. The daily interaction.
I love the way they fix things. The way they just know how to fix broken things. I could do some of it myself. Yet I love to watch.
How they move. Their arms.
How their muscles flex.
Their body’s
Their smell
The way they grow hair in all areas
The way they walk different
Their testosterone. I can smell it. It drives my body wild.
As an incredibly primal women,,,they calm my estrogen.
As a mom of 8,,,I can testify that the male species and my body meld.
They are the ying to my yang.
I may just go to the hardware store to sit a while. Breath in males.
I have a good one of my very own. The best one you could ever find. Yet we live apart.
So my body craves. What only a male can bring.
Balance .