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Back-Handed Compliment (1 Viewer)


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Darren challenged me to post here to get him to do the collaboration challenge next time Foxee runs it. I haven't written much poetry, but I've written quite a few song lyrics, mostly aimed at the Country/Western market. Forty years ago I could have written for the Pop market, but not today. LOL I hope Darren doesn't consider this cheating, but I hope a few people will like this lyric. It's never yet been set to music, so I claim it still qualifies as a poem. ;-)

Back-handed Compliment
Copyright 2016

That haircut really slims your face.
You’re laid-back about that cluttered space.
I wish I could wear something that loud.
You got that job? You must be proud!

You sure look good when you dress nice.
Bet you got that outfit at half price.
You’re so funny for your age.
Last year that dress was all the rage.

It’s another back-handed compliment.
These fools must think I’m dumb.
It borders on the incompetent
No, that’s a finger, not my thumb.

I’m surprised your idea was so good.
You always looked nice when you could.
I have to say you’re not too humble.
Wow, today you didn’t grumble!

Your advice is always so simple.
If you’d smile, you’d have a dimple.
You can take an old idea and make it shine.
You have a nice voice when you don’t whine.

You’re so fun after a drink.
Well, that's a special shade of pink.
You’re so lucky to be single
It’s the smart ones who can never mingle.

That’s such a good report for you.
You’re so normal compared to Sue.
I wish I could be that direct.
You get attention with a small defect.

How’d your kids get so good lookin’.
With that figure no need to learn cookin’.
You should look that good all the time,
Who’d have thought you’re past your prime!
You’re frugal and that’s sure a lesson.
You live up to your reputation.

It’s another back-handed compliment.
These fools must think I’m dumb.
It borders on the incompetent
No that’s a finger, not my thumb.


Staff member
Great poem, vranger! It made me chuckle because it's all so true. Looks like Darren's dropped himself in the do-do by setting you this challenge! Never mind, Darren, I've thought of a way to make your life even worse - how about teaming up with me for the next story challenge?