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Ayn Rand (1 Viewer)



Yeah i've read her stuff, she has good ideas but i simply don't like the way she writes, its very dragged out and long winded


Ayn Rand is a decent writer.. her best book to me is "Anthem".. good plot.. but i've read from many writers.. and im srry to say.. she cant compete.. i love how she discribes things thow.. u can really see it.. its beautiful at times.. but i can can give u an example of a better author.. Alexandre Dumas


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Atlas Shrugged, now that I've finished it, had many things going for it that is necessary in any great book. Strong, defined characters, a very long and twisted plot that at 1100 pages captures, then bores, then captures the reader. Strong descriptions, but as many have pointed out, a little too long winded on pushing her own ideas throughout the story.
I recommend it, as there aren't many like it. Since I bought Fountainhead along with Atlas Shrugged, I intend to read it sometime. I can see where there are strong supporters and critics of her writing, but I also recognize a strong story and Atlas Shrugged is one worth reading........