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i would like to recommend some awesome books, in my opinion

1. the pinball effect-James Lee Burke
2. the bourne identity trilogy
3. the da vinci code (duh!)
4. babylon rising
5. lord of the rings trilogy

if you like learning new things, especially about history and its connections to the modern world. it tells about things like "How Renaissance Water Gardens Made Carburetor Possible" and really interesting stuff. it also has little numbers and 'gateways' throughout the book. its in the same idea as 'choose your own mystery', except it links different people and different events. its really interesting.

the bourne identity trilogy is MUCH better than the movies, as the old rule still lives on- the book is much better than the movie. if you read these books, they're kind of long and detailed. but you really get into the characters. they have such depth to them.

and yea. i don't feel like explaining the rest. some of them are pretty self explanatory anyway. have fun!


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Yes, glad to see Jason Bourne on your list, I agree with you, the books are better, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying the movies, or thier soundtracks, I had the pleasure of reading most of the second book with the soundtrack of the first movie either on cd, or fresh in my mind. It fit perfectly...