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Avengers of Japan (a wannabe anime) (1 Viewer)


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This is the first animated non stage script I've wrote, so sorry if it isnt that great

Avengers of Japan

SUMI- A shy slave on the run from her cruel master. She has long black hair, with long bangs that hang low in front of her face, shielding her dark brown eyes. She always wears a floral, royal blue, kimono that is fifty sizes too big for her. Because all her life she has been treated poorly by men she tends to not trust them, but feels a need to be near one for protection.
MOMIJI- A sarcastic worker at a small coffee house in japan. He has short brown hair and light brown eyes, normally wears a white dress shirt and a pair of black slacks with a black apron on top. Both his parents were murdered in a fire when he was five, so he seks revenge on the world about it.
YAKARIE YEI- An assassin and spy for the Chinese Government. She’s spilled thousands of government secrets to China, and Germany. She has medium-long black hair and blue eyes, she always wears a tight purple mini skirt, with a lavender halter top, and a purple mini jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Born and raised in Japan her father worked for the government as a solider. He was killed in the war after Pearl Harbor. Yakarie always looked up to her father, and when he died she turned on Japan and the US, becoming a commie and assassin for the Chinese government.
BULLET- A spy out to get Yakarie. He’s undercover as her boyfriend. He has a bald head and a thick bulky figure. He wears a black tank with a pair of ripped up jeans.
KIKO- A hyperactive outcast. She has short purple hair, and big green eyes. She’s nor a normal size, she’s 210 pounds, half of it in her hips. She normally wears a pair of faded black jeans and a David Bowie t-shirt.
Random people- They’re random o o;
Gentleman 1- Worker at the coffee house
Kids at Kiko’s school
JOHNNY- Is Momiji’s roommate and is very interested in Sumi. He is tall thin and gangly looking with acne, blue eyes and blonde hair. He’s the only American in the story. He moved to Japan two years ago in search of a gorgeous woman.
Episode one

Act one scene one
Coffee House in Japan

(Sumi enters the coffee house, and makes her way towards the counter. Holding her head low as not to look up at the two gentleman, one is Momiji, seated randomly in the coffee house. She walks up to the gentleman behind the counter who is turned around doing some other business.)
SUMI- Excuse me..?
( The gentleman behind the counter turns around.)
GENTLEMAN- What can I get you?
SUMI- Do you serve green tea?
(Momiji gets up and stands behind Sumi)
GENTLEMAN- Yes we do. (Turns around to get some hot water and a tea bag. Turns back around with drink) That’ll be 3,000 yein
SUMI- (Places money on the counter and turns around to find Momiji behind her. She gasps and looks fearfully at him.)
MOMIJI- (He moves past her to the counter) Relax lady, I’m just in line.
( Sumi stares at him as he orders his drink. Momiji looks at her)
MOMIJI- What’s wrong with you? (Sumi looks away and bows her head.)
SUMI- Sorry sir.
MOMIJI- (Gets his drink and watches Sumi as he returns to his seat.) You’re weird. (He sits down)
SUMI- (Looks around for a seat. There are plenty of tables, but she walks over to Momiji’s table and bows as he looks up at her.)
MOMIJI- What do you want?
SUMI- May I sit with you?
MOMIJI- (A little shocked.) Umm… sure.
(Sumi takes a seat and sips her tea)
MOMIJI- What kind of person orders tea at a coffee house? Aren’t there tea houses for that?
SUMI- It’s too far out of my way. (She takes a sip of her tea, keeping her head down as not to look at Momiji.)
(Momiji looks up at the Gentleman behind the counter)
GENTLEMAN- Your break’s up. Get back in the kitchen!
MOMIJI- (Gets up) That’s me. (He offers Sumi a hand) I’m Momiji, and you are…?
SUMI- ( Ignores the hand and takes another sip of her tea) Sumi-son
MOMIJI- Nice to meet you.
MOMIJI- (Calling) I’m coming! (To Sumi) Well… goodbye. (Exits.)
SUMI- (Finishes her tea and leaves a small tip on the table. She gets up and walks out.)

Scene 2
Streets of Japan.

( Yakarie Yei is running down the street gun in hand, and a purse over her shoulder. The police following on four motorcycles. While running she faces the gun behind her and begins shooting at the police. One officer is shot, and the other three yield to help him. Yakarie turns down into a dark ally. She leans against the wall, holding her breath as the three cops speed down the street, ignoring the ally.)
YAKARIE- (Breathes and subsides to the ground. She reaches into her purse and pulls out some bullets. She reloads her gun.)
BULLET- (Voice out of the darkness) Ya know, Yakarie…
YAKARIE- (Drops her gun and faces the voice. Relieved) Oh it’s you…
BULLET- We’ve got to stop meeting like this.
YAKARIE- (Grins and gets to her feet.) I’m perfectly fine with ally ways, Bullet.
BULLET- (Approaches Yakarie.) I’m not. It’s time we start acting like a normal couple. (He opens his arms to hold Yakarie. Yakarie enters his embrace.) Dinner and a movie maybe?
YAKARIE- (Laughing) We’re criminals, darling. A normal couple isn’t on the run from the law.
BULLET- (Looking down at her) Some fake identifications, a wig, some makeup and all that can be a technicality.
YAKARIE- (Moving away from him) They know us too well for that.
BULLET- You wont even try?
YAKARIE- No I wont. I wont risk everything I’ve strived for, for a normal relationship. (She turns her back on him and picks up her purse. She goes through it and finds a paper with writing on it. She hands it to Bullet.) This is my new address. If you want a relationship at all you’ll come here tonight at six.
BULLET- Six? What for?
YAKARIE- (Turns her head and winks at Bullet) Dinner. (With that she runs down out of the ally way and turns left.)
BULLET- (Looking at the paper, he annoyingly tosses it to the ground.) I’ve got plans.
(Exits back into the darkness.)

Scene 3
A school in Japan
( Kiko sits on a bench eating her sandwich when three boys approach her. Kiko looks up with a grimace.)
KIKO- What do you guys want?
BOY- (Snatches sandwich out of Kiko’s hand and throws it on the ground. He steps on it.)
KIKO- (Furiously she rises) What was that for punk! (She grabs his shirt collar and lifts him off the ground.) MY MOTHER MADE ME THAT SANDWICH! I HOPE YOU KNOW THIS MEANS I HAVE TO HURT YOU, YOU LITTLE PUNK! WHY DON’T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE YOU JERK!
BOY- (Is blown away by Kiko’s fury.) Kay…
KIKO- (Releases boy) Good. (Dusts her hands and walks away) Little punk.

Scene 4
Park at night

(Sumi is laying on a grassy field, looking up at the sky. She moves into fetal position and closes her eyes. In a moment or so she opens them again and looks back up at the sky. She sighs and gets up. She looks around the park. There are two slides and next to them is on tire swing. She bows her head and walks over to the swing. She puts her head in first, then goes through it up to her waist and sits down, wrapping her hand around the rope and resting her arms on top of the tire. Suddenly she begins to swing. Sumi screams, until Momiji comes out from behind her.)
MOMIJI- (Putting a finger to her lips) Shhh. It’s just me.
SUMI- (Lets out a relieved sigh.) Y-you scared me.
MOMIJI- Yeah, I do that often (sits in the dirt a few feet away from Sumi) You get locked out too?
SUMI- Locked out?
MOMIJI- Yeah. Roomates do that sometimes when they don’t want to bothered… If you catch my drift. (Smiles and winks at Sumi.)
SUMI- (confused) I do not understand.
MOMIJI- You mean you weren’t locked out?
MOMIJI- Then what are you doing here? This is where people come when they’re locked out of their homes at night. I thought that’s why you where here.
SUMI- (Shakes her head.) I have no home to be locked out of.
MOMIJI- (Embarrassed) oh… I’m-sorry
SUMI- (Bowing her head) It’s not your fault.
MOMIJI- Hey, why don’t you stay the night with me? I mean when my roommate gets his girl out, you can sleep in my room.
SUMI- (Looking up at him) Me?
MOMIJI- Yes you.
SUMI- You’d let me stay with you?
MOMIJI- Maybe for a night or two. It’s not forever.
SUMI- Yes I understand that. I must be leaving in the morning anyways. (She smiles) I’d like that.
MOMIJI- (Grins) It’s settled then. Er, it might be a while, I hope you don’t mind.
SUMI- Not at all.
(Momiji gets up and goes behind Sumi and gently gives her a push.)
MOMIJI-(Giving her another push) So did you lose your job or something?
SUMI- (Sadly looking away) I guess you could say that. (Flashback: A large man socks Sumi in the face. Sumi falls to the ground, cradling her jaw and crying. The large man exits and leaves Sumi to herself. Sumi looks around and find s a window. She breaks the glass and escapes.)
MOMIJI- Sumi? (He catches the tire and looks at her.)
SUMI- (A tear cascades down her cheek)
MOMIJI- (Grabs Sumi’s hand) Sumi? Are you alright.
SUMI- (Nods and looks down to the ground.) I’m fine.
( Johnny comes running into the scene)
JOHNNY- (Breathless) Hey man, where’ve you been?
MOMIJI- You locked me out.
JOHNNY- I haven’t been home. (Looks at Sumi with interest.) Whose she?
MOMIJI- (Looks to Sumi) This is Sumi. She’s staying with us tonight.
SUMI- (Looks up to Johnny then quickly looks back to the ground.)
MOMIJI- Come on Sumi. Let’s get you some rest.
SUMI- (Nods and comes out from the tire.) Yes. Thank you.
MOMIJI- Anytime… (He grins) weirdo.
SUMI- (Smiles as she looks up at Momiji)

Scene 5
Yakarie’s apartment, midnight.’

(Yakarie sits at a table, the candles melted all around her. She’s dressed up, wearing a purple halter top dress that goes to her knees. She looks up at the clock on the wall. The apartment is tattered and torn, with bloodstains on the carpet. Yakarie sighs and gets up. She blows the candles out and heads to her room when there is a knock at the door. Yakarie sluggishly goes to it and looks out the peep hole. Bullet is standing outside with several roses. Yakarie grimaces and silently walks away. She turns out the lights and continues back to her room. She turns her room light on and goes into the bathroom. She turns on the bathroom light and opens up the medicine cabinet. She takes out a toothbrush and toothpaste. She spreads the paste on the brush and begins to brush her teeth. When she’s done she goes back into her room and begins to get undressed. She slips her dress off, she takes off her bra, and then her panties and slips on her nightgown. A silky purple mini with a frilly edge. She climbs into her blanket on the floor and turns out the light by her bed manually. Just when she’s settled there is another knock on the door. Yakarie turns on her side, and cuddles up in fetal position. There are several more knocks at the door before Yakarie falls asleep with a tear falling down her cheek.

Scene 6
Outside Yakarie’s apartment

(Bullet is knocking on the door. The police surrounded around him in various armor, and each wearing a helmet with a flashlight and holding a gun. Bullet knocks one more time.)
BULLET- She’s here. I know she is.
POLICE- Let’s break down the door.
BULLET- No. Everything has to be subtle. She’s too powerful if she knows whose coming. If we catch her off guard.. we might have a chance.
POLICE 2- We might?
BULLET- She’s quick and strong. Smart too.
POLICE- If you had just followed the plan of trapping her out in public-
BULLET- Don’t you think I’ve tried that already. I saw her earlier today and asked her to meet me for dinner and a movie. Hopefully we wouldn’t have had to get to the movies-but she was too smart for that. She knows who she is, and she knows you all know who she is. I think she might be on to me too.
POLICE 2- I’m with him, Bullet. Let’s just break down the door.
BULLET- No! (Bullet turns to face the police) We will follow my lead. Anyone who can’t do that, can leave now and deal with the chief.
BULLET- Let’s go. This isn’t the time or the place. Meet me in the ally by Miako’s Restaurant. She’ll be there.
(The police begin to leave. Bullet looks at the door and pulls a piece of paper from his pocket and writes on it. When he’s done he slips it under the door. It reads:
Sorry I was late. Meet me behind Miako’s tomorrow. I love you,

Act two
Scene 1
Kiko’s home

(Kiko enters the house and closes the door behind her. She looks around and notices the bizarre stillness around her.)
KIKO- Mom? (Looks around) Dad? (Begins walking into the living room. Looks around) Mom? (walks into the kitchen) Dad? (Walks to the stairs and begins to walk up them. anxiously) Mommy? Daddy? (Starts running up the rest of the stairs.) MOMMY! (Kiko find the flesh torn corpse of her mother at the top of the stairs) MOMMY! (Kneels down beside her, afraid to touch her. Rage fills her, and she gets up and runs for the bedroom door. She pulls on the knob. It doesn’t budge) DADDY! (bangs on the door) Get out here now daddy! (Tears are streaming down Kiko’s face) Let me know you’re all right damnit! DADDY!! (Finally the door bursts open with men dressed in all black, holding bloody knives. Kiko backs away, and gathers her courage. She gets in defensive fighting position.) What have you done?
MAN- Back off kid, we’re the authorities.
KIKO- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE YOU DEMONIC FREAKS OF NATURE!! IEEEEEEEE!! (Throws herself at the men, kicking and wailing. Man one keeps her at distant with his hand against her head. He pulls out a radio)
MAN- Yeah we’ve got her…. I know…. I’ll bring her right away. (Puts radio back in his pocket) Listen kid-
MAN- Kiko, listen. Both your parents are dead.
KIKO- (Still trying to fight him) YOU KILLED MY PARENTS! RAWR!
MAN- (-_-;) Listen kid-KIKO, we’ve got to take you to the station for questioning. We need to know everything you know about your parents. Have they ever mentioned to you they were spies?
KIKO- ( Stops fighting and looks up at Man) Spies? No.
MAN- I see. Kiko, please come with us-
KIKO- I’m not going anywhere with you dorks! How the hell would I know if you were actually the murderers of my parents?
MAN- We can do this the hard way or the easy way.
KIKO- (Back into fighting position.) Bring it on… punk!

Scene 2
Outside Momiji’s apartment

( Momiji is pulling on the doorknob, Yakarie holding and pulling on his waist, and Johnny pulling on Yakarie’s waist)
MOMIJI- (Grunting) You just HAD to lock the door, didn’t you Johnny?
JOHNNY- Hey, you want to leave this house unguarded at this hour?
MOMIJI- No, but usually you take the keys WITH you! (Stops pulling. Yakarie and Johnny fall backwards, Yakarie falling on top of Johnny.) Wait-(Turns on Johnny and Yakarie) Johnny?
JOHNNY- (Rubbing his head he helps Yakarie up.) Yeah?
MOMIJI- How did you lock the door?
JOHNNY- The key under the (realizing) the… mat…. (Coughs)
MIMJI- (Slowly taking in the information) Under the-mat? (Nods.) Very smart. Except you forgot one thing.
JOHNNY- (Cringes)
SUMI- (Looks down to the ground, and cringes as Momiji yells.)
JOHNNY- Dude! (Wraps his arm around Yakarie comfortingly) You’re scaring the babe!
MOMIJI- Huh? (Looks to Yakarie) Oh. I’m sorry- I wasn’t yelling at you-I didn’t mean to scare you.
SUMI- (Nods)
MOMIJI- Let’s just go inside. (Unlocks the door and opens it for Sumi, then slams it on Johnny’s hand.)
MOMIJI- (Smirks as he opens the door) Sorry buddy. (He watches as Johnny enters and motions to Sumi) Have a seat anywhere you’d like.
JOHNNY- Thanks, but I live here-
MOMIJI- Not you! I was talking to Sumi you dolt.
SUMI- (Quietly) Thank you. (Sits on the floor beside Johnny who sits in an armchair.)
MOMIJI- (Crouches down next to Sumi) Can I get ‘cha something?
SUMI- Umm.. Some tea would be nice
MOMIJI- Okay. Anything to eat?
SUMI- Anything would be nice. I haven’t eaten in days!
MOMIJI- (Looks at Sumi funny) Why? ( He heads over to the kitchen and starts making Sumi something to eat) You anorexic?
SUMI- (Shakes her head) No.. Just a slave.
MOMIJI- (Pokes his head out of the kitchen) What?
SUMI- (Looks to the ground) I’m a slave.
(Awkward silence)
JOHNNY- (Gets up and dances trying to break the awkward silence) I’M A SLAVE FOR YOU!
MOMIJI- Shove it Johnny. (Looks at Sumi) Why would you ever be a slave?
SUMI- I never had a choice.
MOMIJI- (Walks back in the living room and sits down beside Sumi. He grabs her wrist, Sumi doesn’t pull away. He rolls her sleeve up and finds deep rooted scars up and down, side to side on her arm from whips.) Who did this to you?
SUMI- My master.
MOMIJI- Who is he?
SUMI- Master Xen, head of the Kawaii Bath House. He owns at least three hundred more like me.
MOMIJI- What happened? I mean, why are you here if you’re a slave?
SUMI- (As Sumi speaks she goes through mentally what happened.) One night, I fought back when he beat me. I hit him in the jaw, he slapped me and threw me aside then walked away. Leaving me with a clean exit. I know he knows I left, and he doesn’t care. I don’t care either. I ran away from there, and I came here to restart my life.
MOMIJI- (to himself) So that’s why you’re so timid.
SUMI- I don’t regret fighting back.
MOMIJI- (Shaking his head) You shouldn’t.
SUMI- I should.
MOMIJI- (Looks at her) Why?
SUMI- After I left, he went after my family. He killed them all. (Sumi begins to cry) I went to my home just days after I left Master Xen, and I found them. All slaughtered. Even my baby brother, Jijen. (Sumi looks up at Momiji) He was only three months old. He was stabbed eight times, with a toothpick in each eye. He made sure my family suffered before they died. They were all slaves and they were all killed because of me. If I didn’t run away they would have never died.
MOMIJI- That’s horrible. (He wraps his arms around Sumi, and cradles her close to him as she cries softly. Looks down at Sumi with a sympathetic smile as she turns her head into his chest and cries on him. He rubs his hand over her gently and kisses her forehead.)
JOHNNY- (Turns on the television. Sound fills the room)
JOHNNY- Oh, sorry (Turns it up)
MOMIJI- Hold on Sumi. (Gets up and slugs Johnny)
JOHNNY- OW! (Turns off the television)
SUMI- (Wipes her eyes and chuckles)
MOMIJI- (Cruel smile. He hits Johnny again)
JOHNNY- Ow stop it man! (Hits Momiji)
(They start to fight)
SUMI- (Laughs)
MOMIJI- Hey, she hates you just as much as I do!
JOHNNY- Hey she’s laughing at you too!
(They fight some more)
SUMI- (Hits Momiji with a pillow.)
(They both stop and look at Sumi. Johnny looks at Momiji and Momiji looks at Johnny. They smirk and grab pillows. They all pillow fight)

Scene 3
( Ally way behind Miako’s)

(Yakarie lights a cigarette and takes a long draw. She breaths it out slowly and drops her hand to her side, putting her other hand on her hip. Takes another draw. Bullet comes out of the shadows.)
BULLET- Hey babe. (Smirks)
YAKARIE- Buggar off.
BULLET- Ow, that hurt.
YAKARIE- Your sarcasm astonishes me, what the hell do you want? (Another long draw)
BULLET- To say just one thing…
YAKARIE- Yeah? What?
(Several armored military men come out of the darkness behind Bullet)
BULLET- I’m sorry. (Laughs evilly) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
(Men pull out their guns and aim them at Yakarie. Yakarie drops her cigarette and begins to run. Bullet pulls out a gun and shoots Yakarie in the leg. Everything goes white.)

Act three
Scene one
Kiko’s room

(Kiko sits on her floor packing her dolls and stuff into a cardboard box. As she packs them she looks at them, a tear cascading down her cheek. She stops and looks at a small porcelain doll with black hair and ivory colored skin. It’s dressed in a kimono. Kiko touches the doll gently and begins to cry. FLASHBACK: Kiko’s mother is standing, shrouded in darkness to where all that’s seen is her legs, and Kiko stands beside her as a child.)
MOTHER- (Hands Kiko the brand new doll wearing a kimono) Here Kiko. You’re old enough to have your own doll.
(Kiko’s voice comes over the scene)
KIKO- I was almost five then. Everything I owned belonged to a brother or sister before. All my clothes, my toys, everything. It was the first time I had something of my own. I treasured that doll. I slept with it at night, I played with it. I took care of it, like a real mother. Like my mother had taken care of me. I loved that doll. Finally I turned seven and my brothers and sisters all moved out, and now I had everything to myself. My parents became very wealthy; they bought me everything. Soon the doll became less special. Now I had a lot of things instead of just one doll. I put it up in my dresser underneath a bunch of junk. I haven’t seen that doll… not till now. Now that my parents are dead. I bet my mother would have loved to see me play with this doll one more time… Just one more time.
Everything goes back to Kiko’s room. Kiko looks at the old doll and puts it into the box. She closes the box and stands up. Her hands turn into fists.)
KIKO- I WILL avenge you, mother! (Bows her head)

Scene 2
Nighttime at Momiji’s apartment

(Sumi is asleep laying on top of Momiji who is wide awake looking outside of his window. Sumi snores lightly. Momiji looks down at her and smiles. He then sits up slowly as not to wake Sumi and gently lays her on the couch. He walks over to the window. He leans against it, looking out into the night. Sumi slowly opens her eyes. She looks around for Momiji. She finds him over by the window. She gets up and walks over to him.)
SUMI- It’s a beautiful night.
MOMIJI- (Startled he looks at Sumi) I thought you were asleep.
SUMI- I was. I don’t sleep long. Slaves never do. (She chuckles lightly.)
MOMIJI- Sumi-I’m… sorry if I was rude to you before. I never knew-
SUMI- It’s okay. I understand.
MOMIJI- It makes me so angry to hear what’s happened to you. It makes me want to do something. I want to do something for you.
SUMI- You’ve done enough for me.
MOMIJI- huh?
SUMI- You’ve been kind to me. Taken me into your home, fed me, held me and rocked me to sleep. Momiji, you’ve done more for me than anyone I’ve ever known.
MOMIJI- But nothing compared to what I can do. (He turns to face Sumi) Sumi, I’m going to find this Master Xen. And when I do… I’m going to kill him.
SUMI- You don’t have to do that, Momiji.
MOMIJI- No. I’m going to avenge you Sumi, and your parents. (Sighs) I know what it’s like to lose both your parents. (Looks at Sumi) My parents were also murdered. Some drunk jerk off killed my parents in a fire. I wasn’t able to find out who it was, or kill him for it, but now I can at least fix your life.
SUMI- Killing someone wont fix my life.
MOMIJI- It’ll sure fix mine.
SUMI- (Leans her head on Momiji’s shoulder)
End of episode one


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Okay, I read the first scene because reading so much text chunked together on a computer screen strains my eyes. I think the first scene was good, I would've read more if the text wasn't chunked together, but it seems to be a good introductory scene. It could be extended.

I don't know if your script format here has varied from any other scripts you've written, but it should be set out in the same format. If you don't know how, have a look around this section of the forum, you might get a better idea.