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Avenge, Awaken, Painting (1 Viewer)


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(This poem was inspired by this song and picture)

Oh, fearsome painting, what a torn soul you are.
I believe you have envisioned many souls in stride.
Your mind inside the painting is magnificent,

In your shadow lies a man praying to his God.
The swirling shadow: black and bent, it goes up!
The light won’t come soon so you must wait.

Let it sit and as your face becomes a memory, it fades.
Oh, fearsome painting, with your face hideous.
You leave a mark towards others in darkness.

The drawing of your face is brown, but with eyes
So piercing, I sink down to your mangled body.
The way you caress my eyes with your eyes

How do you do something so beautiful, yet simple?
Oh, fearsome painting, your song will not end.
But in the meantime: will your mouth be prophetic?

I wish to experience God through your saddened eyes.
Have you wished to God that you will keep existing?

Thank you for reading and commenting! :)


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Hello, loveofwriting, nice to meet you. I really like it that you are using a visual and audio prompt to work from. I like Schoenberg a lot, this is a beautiful haunting piece, well matched with the photo. It's good to see people working this way. Keep at it. All the best PG