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Authors worthy of God Hood (1 Viewer)


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What do you think who should be made honoury God.
For my vote David Gemmel; and Eric Van Lustbader.

Dont be shy now??? :lol: :lol:

Kimberly Bird

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recommnded author

I don't know if I should place this in here, but I wanted to recommend
Louis L' Amour, The Walking Drum. Louis usually writes westerns, but this story, The Walking Drum, takes place in the deserts of Arabia, with assasins, beautiful women, sultans ect... It's a worthy read with nonstop adventure and drama.


mattquarterstein said:
The guy who wrote the bible, he's definitely a god.

Hmm, there goes my sense of humour again.


Sure, if you want to be obvious, you can pick Him. ;)


ME! After all, I'm the only person alive who understands exactly what the universe is and how it works, plus I've got to be the best author in the world, not to mention I'm such a total genius.

Wait! A genius would certainly not want to be put into that kind of spotlight! Think of the responsibility!

Thank you for the nomination, but I'm afraid I must humbly decline due to personal reasons (not least of which is I'm a nutcase).


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The guy who wrote the bible, he's definitely a god.

technically he just dictated some ideas and it was holy ghost written



Tad Williams, Tom Robbins.

Don't forget the GODDESSES:

Gloria Naylor, Alice Walker, Ursula LeGuin.


My Literary God (LG) is Kurt Vonnegut. Gotta love that guy.

I'd also like to nominate John Irving on behalf of my friend Krysten who did her AP author project on him. (guess who mine was on...)


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Re: recommnded author

Kimberly Bird said:
I don't know if I should place this in here, but I wanted to recommend
Louis L' Amour, The Walking Drum


Don't feel embarassed by including this book by L' Amour it was an excellent novel, worthy of inclusion in the literary canon in my opinion. I haven't read that book since middle school. I may have to go pick it up again.

But for my two or three cents for writer's worthy of godhood, I'd have to include Pat Conroy, and John Jakes for contemporary fiction. George R.R. Martin and Charles De Lint for their work in the fantasy genre which is full of more hacks than anything of value. Stephen King goes in for a few of his novels, Green Mile, It and some of the novellas in the collection Different Seasons. I could go on but why wax poetic when you have no idea if anyone is listening.

Kimberly Bird

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Ah, someone who knows The Walking Drum. I still love that book, as a matter of fact like you were thinking, I think I will pull it off the shelf and read it again.



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If you like the epic scope of the Walking Drum, and enjoy L'Amour's writing you might also enjoy his Sackett series which follows one family from England to the Americas and tells their stories all the way through the Old West period. Not terribly complex stories on some levels, but good reading nonetheless.

For something more akin to the Walking Drum, you might try North and South and it's sister books by John Jakes.


My nominations:
J.D. Salinger - for the writing and the stellar personality
Jack Kerouac - I think every author wants that life...


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I'll agree with Amie and say Jack Kerouac, but I read a biography on him and I wouldn't want his life...just his talent.

And, I'm gonna say William Gibson as well. Things he wrote about in science fiction in the late '70's and early '80's are now a reality. The man's a visionary.

I feel the need to include Stephen Ambrose as well, simply for the way he made history come to life in his books.


I think Iris Murdoch and Virginia Woolf should be

made God . Has any female ever equalled " The

Sea , The Sea " ? I think not . Also, Sylvia Plath

should definitely be made a Goddess .


I guess no one has read Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa, or Taiko. Both books are excellente!

Also, Norman Mailer. And Isaac Askimov. I, Robot is engrossing. L'Amour is a methodical author.