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Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand (1 Viewer)

Sigur Rós

Senior Member
What can I say? It was once voted second most inspirational only beaten by the... bible, of course. I love this book with 1/2 of minds ability. The soul meaning of heroism and the strength intelect can really hold. The characters were portrayed masterfully and the plot was astounding. After reading this I have a lot of objectivism contained in my own philosophy. Oh, the power of logic and reasoning.:)

To any who has never read, I recommend you do. Maybe you will make it far enough as to find out who John Galt is. Then your hooked!
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Senior Member
I know the feeling. Sounds like you have savored the book, however, you are minimalistic here with imaginative praises.

Spherical Time

Senior Member
I've read it. I thought it was well written, but found that I couldn't always connect with her characters or the fatalistic mindset of the book.