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Asking why makes us human: (1 Viewer)


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Head not above benchtop
eyes peer up, the struggle to see
in the giant’s lair, a finger
points to the jar, the lid so secure
small hands cannot unwind.

No other creature,
when denied
will ask why?

Stand at the window, watch
the rain that falls upon the garden, gate
and street, imagine footsteps
that head through the gate
and up the street to the corner.

No other creature
when abandoned
will ask why?

Bald head, toothless mouth
the body rejects movement
calcifying with the effect
of too many years in oxygen, weary
eyes ponder the darkness ahead.

No other creature
when faced with the end
will ask why?


Senior Member
I really like this. My first reaction wasn't great, but once I got into the swing of it I appreciated the images and sentiments.

And yes, the central question. Hard to know for sure what other creatures really do or don't ask, but you make a powerful case.

Thanks for sharing,

PS My favorite phrase is, "the effect of too many years in oxygen". Just resonates with me for some reason :)


Senior Member
Dannyboy - Perhaps other creatures don't need to worry about tomorrow since instinct will govern them. We on the other hand can over-ride our instincts and envision a tomorrow that either elevates us up or scares us to death. Humans! You gotta love 'em! Liked your work DB. Namyh


Envy the innocent creatures. Our self-awareness and reason can be a powerful blessing but also a curse.

Another great poem, DB