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Ashes (1 Viewer)


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The times, they aren't a-changing
Yeah, we're all still here, and it's still raining.
And we all say it's not really fair.
Cause there's still the dirty crooks who don't really care.
About the way people live and what they give.

We've lost the trail, once again.
To the Empire State, The White House and Big Ben.
The people still say its still unfair.
The corrupt still get the lion's share.
And we've lost the will, yeah, we've lost the thrill to dare.
So we sit at home just losing all our hair.

Government reforms and optional detours,
And we've taken a turn for better or the worse
Yeah we've taken a turn and the world starts to burn.
And it's on the ruins the ashes settle,
People still try to test their mettle,

And when the dust clears, we're all the same.
The young, the old, the crazy and the sane.
The corporate lapdog and the people's bane.
Yeah, we've taken a turn and the world starts to burn.

The world, it starts, to burn.


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Hey IC,

I see some nice writing in parts of this. Nice spin on an old Dylan line. I'm not sure what the message is. One line I take some exception to is: "The corrupt still get the lion's share" Certainly, there are plenty of corrupt rich, but I'm not. Only problem is, neither am I rich, but I aspire to be. I find it sad that many of those who aren't wealthy hold the Romneys of the world up for scorn. Strangely, most of those same people have no problem with the Kennedys, John Kerry (who married his wealth), Pelosi, ad infinitum being filthy rich.
Anyway, most of the rest of it wasn't obvious to me. Seemed contradictory in places. But, as I said, you do display some skills! :)


The Black Goat
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I liked this, a little short though. Any idea what kind of music it would be applied to and/or how it is sung?