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As Winter Begins (Bilinggual) (1 Viewer)




Deep at night as winter began I made

The dough, the wrappers and the filling.

A solitary elder under the light’s shade,

The beauties on the screen watching.

The home return hope is killed by the virus.

I lament the ill luck of lovelessness.

Only the dumplings‘ fragrance

Can comfort my heart of loneliness

TL Murphy

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This is a strong poem. I would love to hear a recording of you reading the Chinese. I would be interested to hear the sound.

It would be more direct and therefor stronger in this minimal poem to say “ my lonely heart” instead of “my heart of lonliness”

I love the phrasing of this line “

“The home return hope is killed by the virus.”​

if you delete the word “is” the line will echo the structure of the previous line which also eliminates the verb to be (are):

“The beauties on the screen (are) watching.​
The home return hope is killed by the virus.”​