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arundhati roy (1 Viewer)


L. L. Chandler

there's something wonderful about reading roy, especially in the middle of a writer's block. I read "The God of Small Things" and was somehow able to be very prolific after a dry spell of almost three months. i've been looking for a number of other titles from her.

also, anyone reading stoppard? it's almost better than seeing his work.


It is a pity that no one seemed to have heard before of Roy, winner of the Booker, and so no one posted a reply to your thread. And it is very difficult to find nowadays selective readers as you, L.L. Chandler. Most people here seem not to be interested in deeper waters, and rarely one finds a threat or a post mentioning something significative at all.
The God of Small Things is a book I read in 2001, and I still like it. The story of Sophie Moll, the Ammu brothers and Estha and Rahel, all living in the Indian Kerala region, is very interesting and effectively told. The Magic realism in this novel only reminds one of Gabriel Garcia Márquez's best stories or even Salman Rushdie. A very worthy read.