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Artemis Fowl (1 Viewer)


I dought anyone has read this mind you the younger ones possibly have. Artemis fowl the series of 4 so far. I love them they are childrens to early teens but a perfect read if your after a light, quick read. There like Harry in that they could still be enjoyed by adults. If you've read them tell me what your veiw of them is.


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I've read the first three (planning to read the fourth one soon)
I really enjoyed them. I loved the idea of dwarves eating rocks and then spewing them out their ends to dig and leave no trace of their passing. That was awesome!


I love the Artemis Fowl books, they're a great short easy reads. Great for during the summer holidays when there's days when you've nothing to do.
Though everytime i read the first i find i go through them all.
I just think they're really funny, and i love the irish jokes. I don't react to alot of humor but Artemis Fowl is so perfect for me. Foaly is great i wish there was more of him.
The first is definately the best though, it's much more fun when Artemis is really evil. Course that was some ending for book 3, when i put that down i was horrified that i'd have to wait for 4th one to come out.

I know there childrens books, but sure arn't some of the best books for children, C.S.Lewis, L. Carroll etc. Though it did make me feel a little better that my 3-something cousin who's a physhiatrist said she loved it too(",).
I remember our class had to organise a book quiz to promote the new libary and i all but demanded Artemis Fowl be put one!

Although have you heard their supposed to be films, i heard an awful rumor that Robert DeNiro was going to be in them. Who else could he be but Butler? I really hope the film doesn't happen, i mean you just can't put a face to Artemis Fowl, they whole thing would loose all its appeal. It would ruin all the characters. Just like the lord of the rings, great films and all but it will never be the same reading it.
I'm gone so totally off the point.