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I'm hoping the moderators can sticky this one, seeing it's relevant and, at least in my opinion, useful. Basically, I want to compile a list of WF members and what they know about. If someone is researching something for a story they can look at the list before posting a thread, perhaps. Just an idea. I've seen it work well elsewhere.

Anyway, if you're interested in being added to the list just post with the stuff you know about.

To kick things off, I'll list the things I have a fair understanding of:

* e-culture
* Australia (Melbourne especially)
* Buddhism: Western Buddhism, Thien Buddhism
* Computers

:: Please post your area of expertise in bold, for ease of browsing. Please keep superfluous wording to a minimum. ::

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I'm a jack of all trades in terms of the sciences, although I tend to know bit more about biology, psychology, sociology, and physics than the others (but not the mathy parts).



World War II

Supernatural phenomena (UFOs, alien abduction, ESP)



Natural environment

Academic papers


I'm really good at bsing, too.
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I'd like to say that I know a lot about theatre and acting in general (not playwrights or history, but acting itself) as I am a professional actor and the owner of a theatre troupe. So one would hope that I know what I'm doing... :lol:


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I do architecture for a living so I may be helpful with design and construction questions.

Philo also enjoys general science, cabinetmaking, philately (superfluous information removed per request)


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I was in the Infantry for 3 years, know a little bit about that.

I've been a metal guitarist for going on 16 years now.

I have, for as long as I can remember, been in love with swords, knives and other types of weaponry, though my knowledge of firearms isn't too extensive outside of my military experience.

I have some Biblical knowledge, though I wouldn't call myself an expert.

I know about drug use, addiction.

I know about fighting.

I know a bit about computers, having used them for 16 years, though I don't know nearly as much as you'd think I should, having used them for so long. I basically know how to use what I've used.

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Well, let's see....

I majored in journalism, minored in English (creative writing), so I can help in the unlikely event anyone has questions about newsprint or the writing aspect of journalism. The focus in our curriculum was to study other subjects in order to better write about them, so I had to take a lot of history, science and arts classes. I know a little about a lot of those
I made a special study of dialogue in my minor so I am pretty knowledgeable if you have questions regarding that.

Questions about the solar system? That was my favorite area of study in astronomy. Our professor used to read from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, just for fun. I can answer some questions about astronomy in general as regarding the vast area beyond our solar system.

I taught myself web development and worked as a consultant in that area for four years so I know a bit about it.

I know a bit about the military in general after serving in the Navy for four years. (I was never on a boat though so I can’t help you except in a general sense there.)

I've done some restaurant cooking and currently dabble in gourmet cooking so can answer some questions bout that.

If you've questions regarding the medical areas of nephrology, diabetes, or heart attacks I have, unfortunately, extensive experience in those from a patient's POV.


I have some Biblical knowledge, though I wouldn't call myself an expert.

I too have some Biblical knowledge.

I have, for as long as I can remember, been in love with swords, knives and other types of weaponry

Same here, but cyberspector probably knows more than me. Here's what I really know.

-medieval history (dabbles)

It's not much.


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uh...Greek history
what else...

Soundtracks, music in general
Horror movies(extreme,sleaze,revenge,anything really)


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I am an expert on making a total fool of myself.

Oh Yeah, I'm also really really good at looking at the sunshine on the trees. That's my specialty when I write.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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Hrmm...well I'm pretty familiar with chapel perilious subjects/conspiracy lore.

Also schooled (loosely termed) in various metaphysical subjects (i.e. mysticism, theosophy, gnosticism, kabbalah, esoteric christianity, hindu mythology), Quantum physics, angelology, and studied in the human anatomy.

In artistic endeavors, I do a lot of graphite work, calligraphy and color pencils.


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Medicine - doctors, dentists, nurses, psych, most kinds of surgery (pretty much ones that I already know of), treatments, drugs, examinations, diagnoses, hospitals, teeth, anaesthestics... you get the general idea.

Ceramics (making of and painting)

Drawing, pastel work, sculpture, paints, art supplies, visual artists (Stelarc, Artemisia Gentileschi, Eugene Delacroix, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Cindy Sherman)



Have visited: New Zealand (both north and south islands), South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji.

Have worked in: Child care, sales assistant in department stores, menswear, medical and law audiotyping, kiosks, swim centres... eh I think that's about it.


Working knowledge of the UK computer games industry.

Used to shoot longbow regularly - must update license... still, I know all the bits and pitfalls, my bow still functions and I still know how to make my own arrows =)

I've ridden and fenced sabre, but I don't know those as well as the bow.

I've had an interest in death for as long as I can remember, so I know quite a bit about cadavars and their various adventures - particularly british funeral history/mishaps.

Myth and folklore of the UK and European variety - mostly concerning the fae.

Moderate grasp of Christian and Judaic theology, biblical and otherwise.

I've lived in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland. Mostly lurking in souf lunden, though, mate, innit?


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Well, I'm doing a BA/LLB, so I'm gaining expertise in Law daily, along with a good knowlege base my two arts majors; politics and philosophy (especially ethics).

All too many papers on logic, reasoning and critical thnking, along with a natural cynicis, have left me with the invaluable ability of analysing and disproving arguments. I have also learned that this skill does not make friends, even when you deductively prove to them that you are right.

I'm also a student of Pak Mei Kung Fu, so I have some knowlege of martial arts, and especially Chinese ones.

As a vegan, I have some knowlege regarding animal rights issues and the requirements of a vegetarian diet.

I'm heavily involved in the punk/hardcore/metal music scene.

Ted T.

I'm well practiced in martial arts (with or without weapons) and self defence (No, they are not the same!)

Self defence for seniors is a bit of a specialyy.

Bonsai and theology to round it out. :)


This is an excellent thread, most people like talking about themselves (me included, as you might see below) :)

My areas of expertise and/or interest are almost anything regarding computers (master's degree in computer science), science fiction, Counter Strike, women's fashion (yes, for real :) - my GF's a fashion designer) and PR (worked as a PR consultant for 7 years).

Hobbies and/or knowledge areas include scuba diving, graphic design, photography, film making and Formula 1 (no driving though). I've also done military service for one year (used to be more or less compulsory in Sweden until recently) so I know about both shooting and digging holes in the ground.

I also know the only thing you really need to know these days, and that's how to use Google. Just learned the meaning of a new word (saponification).


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Geek of All Trades:

-business processes: accounting, contracts, sales, customer service

-computer systems (was a Sys Admin for EDS)

-yarn production: scouring, dehairing, carding, roving, spinning, plying

-music: history, theory, voice, keyboard, sound engineering, rock trivia

-The Bible: but I refuse to argue theology; I can tell you where something is if you're looking for it.

-drugs, both over and under the counter


-penal system: from my own brushes with the law, to my grandfather's 30-year career in the Federal prison system, including administrative at Leavenworth and Kansas State Parole Board


-Boy Scout-related stuff: knots, merit badges, hiking, camping, wilderness survival, fishing, sailing, archery, shooting, first aid, life saving, basketry.

-forgiveness, redemption, restitution, hope, peace, contentment, and prayer.

I'm certainly not the world's expert on any of the above topics but I know more than the "average" person about them.

I don't know crap about cars.


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Areas where I can help out

* Sword play and medieval martial arts
* Computers
* Political philiosphy
* Guitar playing
* soccer