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We hatched a grand plan to celebrate the U.S. National Poetry Month with interviews, NaPoWriMo, various poetry discussions etc... so the next logical step was to create a
Challenge for our WF poets.​


We could hardly let the fiction writers have all the fun could we?

But who should be eligible to enter we asked? Trust me, behind every 'Grand' anything there is usually a 'Grand' debate...
After a lot of deliberation, head-scratching and hand-wringing here is the full list of members who can enter WF's Inaugural Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge.

(An Invitation-Only Event the following members have received an invitation to party)

Contestants eligible to win 1[SUP]st[/SUP], 2[SUP]nd[/SUP], 3[SUP]rd[/SUP], and 4[SUP]th[/SUP] prizes

Full list Entrant Names: Full Invites: Eligible to Enter and win

*5 judges who have judged a Pip challenge 2015
TJ1985 (judged June's Pip 2015 Challenge)
Midnightpoet (judged April 2015 Pip)
Joshybo (judged Feb2015 Pip)

Purple Pip (Poetry) winners 2015

Phil Istine
Crowley K. Jarvis

Laureate 2015
J.J. Maxx
Terry D

Laureate 2014
Squalid Glass
Fats Velvet
John Oberon
Chester's Daughter

Members restricted to People's Choice (4th Prize)


Challenge Hosts: PiP & HarperCole
Prompt: Spaces Unseen

Submission Starts: 1, April, 2016

Submission Ends: 14, April, 2016 (Midnight GMT)

For more information please check Site News and Announcements

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it looks cool- I wonder who is this Racalli fellow- is he a cousin of rcallaci:) if not then he is one phantom fellow...

rcallaci is like spaghetti which ends up as pagshetti.. Ya know my dyslexic fingers can never get the letters in your name in the right order *laughing*


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Oh well, whichever whatway. Just like that hagspetti, Bob's poetry products are delicious however you're gonna spell it.

Looking forward to reading some great poems in this challenge. :eagerness:

Phil Istine

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I'm not sure if it was intended but the link(s) under the laureate2014 and laureate2015 open up a log-in window for admin. I have a feeling that's not meant to happen :)
If you need to change it, feel free to alter my quoted text too.
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I was looking at the various ranks of the qualified entrants, (I like patterns, it's the dork in me). Most are veterans, mentors, FofWF, or staff. As an outlier in Turtle Green, I think it says a lot about the dedication members and staff have to this forum. Folks stick around because the quality of the community is just that good. Diverse and involved, it is a boon to writers of all genres, not just poets.

- D. the T.
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It should be interesting. The word count limit is going to be a challenge. Time to make my verbiage earn its keep.
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I watched a fisherman dig in the sand for bait. I was fascinated. The moral of the story: Please don't dig too hard there ain't no worms in my patch of sand :)