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Are you Lost? (1 Viewer)


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If you think of the concept of being lost, it could have lots of meanings. One could be lost in their thoughts, sense of direction, reality, and all sorts of loss of bearing. However the
being lost
from yourself could be the greatest of all losses. Because it doesn't matter who you are but who you believe yourself to be.

You could be the smartest person in the world but if you think you are an imbecile,then thats exactly what you are. Your mind is the strongest and most determining factor in who we ultimately become. To be a master of your own destiny requires a strong mind, one that never for a moment lets the circumstances change how you think about yourself.

I, for example know that I am not the smartest or most outgoing person in the world. I am socially awkward. I am introverted. I can admit to those less than flattering traits because that's how I know I am not lost to myself. I harness my negative traits and make them my strengths. I would like to tell you that I have complete control of my mind, but do I? Well,you might say its debatable if you have met me! Or you might not be familiar with me enough to decide, but for me its important to believe that I am in control.

What am I saying here? I am simply stating that to be who you wanna be is a very conflicting ideal,because you can't always be who you are but at the same time you can't lose yourself otherwise you will never recognise who you were to begin with. All you can do is try is to be you, and hope others recognise it as not an overblown ego but an expression of individuality that makes us all unique.

This world has got lots of distractions that make us stray from the real persons that we were born to be. We have become 'actors' in a movie that the director never says cut and we end up overplaying our roles and therefore losing ourselves in those roles. If you doubt that you are an actor in the movie of life then listen to yourself the next time you talk to your boss or your parent or your spouse. That's not you. And that's OK sometimes because thats what life has taught us and you have to do what you have to do to stay in the rat race. However the next time you look into the mirror or when you are alone sitting in the dark on a sleepless night, ask yourself, who are you to yourself? Are you lost to yourself?

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It strikes me as a hard thing in life to come to terms with: that to be a good person and true to yourself and happy with yourself you have to be open and honest. Only if you are honest with yourself can you see how you really are and see others aright. That to me seems natural and right. And yet...this might make you happy and even popular but not always easily successful and is even the reverse of the way many people operate. I think it's a topic worth some reflections.

Thanks for the piece. I noticed a few crit' points that I will try to go through some time soon.


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It might be worth including an introduction where you state why you have written the piece, your experience and what you are expecting from a critique. Secondly, it might also help to preview the post before uploading it so that you can sort out any formatting issues (I know from experience that bad formatting really puts people off critiquing or at least from critiquing seriously. It's not a major issue here but makes it less pleasant to read). I wish you success and a reliable compass for your writing journey.