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Arab and Jew (1 Viewer)


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There is a violent struggle raging on in the heart of the world's spirituality. Israel, that fabled land long occupied by almost every great Empire to exist, is now an independent country, populated by the Jewish people. There is more, however, for the story is far from complete. Long before WWII, Israel was a piece of the souls of the arab mind, and is every bit as holy.

Israel is the place where Mohammad ascended to the heavens, the birthplace of christ! and yet, these two perpetual minorites struggle to mutually exist with their burning hatred of each other! ; Arab and Jew: Wounded spirits in a promised land, Is a book that I am currrently reading.

Filled with intellectual promise, and heartening perspectives, the book explores the fragile relationship between two wounded cultures. I was thinking this would be a good book to read, and would like to invite all the members of WritingForums.com to pick up this book and enjoy it. I am currently reading it, of course, and would be glad to discuss it's many facets with any willing members. ^.^

You can get the book from amazon, or you can try and tuff it out with barnes and nobles or used book stores, though amazon is by far the easiest option. If you do choose to get it, make sure you get the revised edition, Copyright 2002.

Also, if anyone chooses to get the book, feel free to discuss any of it's content in the thread, just make sure to use the [/quote] tag. The author is David K. Shipler. Thanks everyone. I sure hope someone else picks it up!



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Awesome. Thanks for mentioning this. I've often been very confused in what I should think about the situation since there are so many factors pulling back and forth. Perhaps the the book will give me a clearer perspective on both sides.