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April Fool (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
For the Fool this day,
for the ankle-suspended, upside-down dweller
the Trickster, the face-changer; this day
carries me back to those idylls
of frost covered lawns; quiet times
before screens and over-burdened thumbs ruled.

How many times was I woken and fell
for the snare, a burning shed,
a flooding washing-machine, "get dressed"
at 5 am thinking its school time only to find
the Fool is me?

My children never fell as hard
no matter how detailed the plan
the rush in door-slam, the hurried whisper
until the cry "April Fool!"

Mother no longer plans
lost as she is, the woven years
the most terrible trickster of all.

The children have left home
and I stand this morning with a coffee and an ache –

distantly, though it could be a bird,
I hear the cry aimed at me –
"April Fool!"


Senior Member
Hi dannyboy!

I really like this poem. I find it to be haunting and sad...but really beautiful.
and I stand this morning with a coffee and an ache- This line is like pain that's just a part of everyday life...it kind of sticks with me.
Anyway, great poem.