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Anyone watch ITV Covid testing? (1 Viewer)

Olly Buckle

Now I know why all that PPE was over stocked and useless, Matt Hancock bought it off a bloke down the pub.

Well, all right, not all of it, but it seems most of the contracts went to people with no previous experience in the field, experienced suppliers were ignored when they offered their services, the suppliers who did get contracts were connected to the government personally, and the prices paid were way over the odds.

Now, what did I do with that noose and scaffold?
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Olly Buckle

Oh, and to be fair, he wasn't just some bloke down the pub, he was the landlord, and he already had a share of a company making plastic cups which switched. They showed a photo of him and 'Matt' with their arms round each other, but both deny they knew anything about the other's connection.


WF Veterans
Olly, there was a problem with supply which for which there was an attempt to expedite the process. Agreed that contracts were handed to unsuitable suppliers at the beginning, but that shouldn't surprise. Had HMG done it properly, the civil service would still have been persuing tenders in September and contracts would only now being awarded. The process for supplying government departments is long and torturous, I know, I've been through the initial stage :-

"Ah! to become an accredited supplier to the NHS you have to go through the accreditation process."

"Oh, what's involved in that then?"

"You have to submit samples and specifications and pay us £36,000 to examine the goods, test them for safety, toxins,and supply chain reliabilty etc..."

"How long does that take then?"

"At least 6 months before approval, then we would have to assess whether your company is stable enough to supply on a continuous basis..."

"Bloody ridiculous, goodbye."

All I wanted to do was to supply them with A4 and A5 leaflet holders at half the price that they were at the time paying - If it is that complicated for leaflet holders, imagine how difficult for things that actually matter - No wonder the government took short-cuts!

Cool Breeze

Senior Member
Good old ITV.

We can get on the Internet here, in the Big Apple, but I haven't seen it on any terrestrial channels. In saying that, I don't have a great deal of time in my life for television, so I might have missed it.

It doesn't surprise me that it was contracted out on those terms, Olly. I've read similar reports here, and not only did they give the contract to contestably the least experienced people, there was a lawsuit in Colorado where the plaintiff was a young lady who wanted her mother's energy company to install a smart meter because her mother had physical impairments and couldn't read the meter herself. The installers received their PPE equipment from one of those least experienced outfits, and the mother contracted Covid-19 from one of the technicians and later died. I believe the case was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Olly Buckle

But nobody was put through that process for this, Bloggs, and ITV was interviewing people from established suppliers who were petitioning for the business and said they were totally ignored and passed over for people with no business connections or experience.