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Anyone want to do NaNo now? (1 Viewer)



Hi, November wasn't a good time for me so unfortunately I missed out on the craziness. Just wondered if anyone fancied doing it now with me?



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I was actually thinking of doing something of the sort, since I ended up leaving the country in the middle of last year's NaNo and couldn't finish. If we get enough people to join us and maybe make a smaller goal, I bet we could do it.


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I'm not really sure I get NANO. The way I see it, why not spend more than a month, so you can write something of better quality than you would if you rushed it? Or have I missed the point completely?


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The point is the rushing, craziness of it all, at least in my opinion. It's a lot of fun writing like crazy, trying to keep up with the deadlines while sharing tips on balancing work/school and NaNo, or how best to avoid sleep when you're behind or on a roll. It doesn't matter how good the story is when you first write it, because it's done. December is national editing month, anyway. :)


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I think it's particularly useful for people who've never written anything novel-length before, as it gives them a good incentive to do so.

Even if the end result is crap, as it probably will be, if you prove to yourself that you can write 50,000 words and put 'The End' on the last page, then you know you can do it again with more time and better planning to produce a novel that's worth reading.


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It motivated me to finally get a rough draft completed, rather than procrastinating. Previously, the novel in my head had so much personal importance that I was intimidated. I felt like I had to make it perfect from the get-go. I was afraid of not doing it justice. Nano gave me a way to write the rough draft terribly (understatement) without getting stuck in the revision process and burning out.
Now I have a solid rough draft and am revising it chapter by chapter. Finishing the novel no longer seems as overwhelming because the structure is down and now I can refine everything.
I didn't reach the 50.000 word goal because I started late in the month, but Nano was still so beneficial.


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I am seriously giving a lot of thought of giving it a go this year. I just found out the other day that my wife did it last year. Ha, how can ya write 50k words and not tell anyone?!?!? She says she didn't submit the entire thing to the site because she didn't like it.

I am really excited at the prospect, and I think it will help immensely.

Mystic Katt

I won NaNo this year, lost FebNo, and then just won MayNo about three days ago, all while not letting anyone know. Not fun. But June starts Script Frenzy!

(That's a link.)