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anyone want their script to be made? (1 Viewer)



Hi All!

I am currently a film/TV student from the U.K and I'm looking for a
script to produce. If anyone would like their script to be made then please contact me... either here or at [email protected].

For my final major project I need to produce, direct and edit...well
anything I want:

I am looking for a script between 10-20 minutes long. It can be anything you like but I would prefer a comedy, drama or horror.
It can be a short film, pilot episode, sketch, ect.

All I ask of you is the script... I am happy to keep you updated, I
would also send you a final dvd copy when it's finished (most likely
May/June 2006) and any paperwork, such as shooting script's. if you
wanted them...

Thank you for your time,


Senior Member

Have you found your script yet? I don't have anything ready at the moment, but in a couple of weeks or so I might have something for you. If and when it's finished it would need a little grammatical editing from you (since English isn't my mother tongue).

So if you are still looking for your script after a few weeks, I'll get in touch.