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Anyone remember me? (1 Viewer)



So ... After being away from the forums for roughly forever, I find myself online and bored every night with nowhere to go.

I figure stopping by, maybe critiquing some stuff couldn't hurt.

Let's see. Name's Aevin. I'm a 23 year old unpublished writer who specializes in children's and teen literature (of a most morbid variety).

So much has changed here that I feel like a new member. The place seems unfamiliar and a bit unsettling. Maybe I'll become a regular again ... Maybe.
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I don't think I recognize your name, so it's likely you took your hiatus before I joined. Or I could just not remember your name. Either way, welcome back to this flea circus called WF.com!


Besh-- Hmm ... I vaguely recall a Besh I knew once. But he was not a moderator, so it must be a different guy. :wink: Congrats, btw.

wheelz -- You've never heard of me?! I'm apalled! Hee hee. Thanks for the welcome. :)