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Anyone know this book? (1 Viewer)



A few years ago I read a book I borrowed from the library. I didn't wrte dow teh title or author, and as it was one of those books that I couldnt get out of my head for weeks and weeks after I read it, I thought i would always remember the title!
Over the years I have often thought about the book, but can't remember the title or author.
It was about a group of religious people (possibly mormons ) who sent a team to visit another planet. There was some sort of war on the planet and the humans were captured. Only one man survived. He was sent back to earth with bandaged hands. His tendons had been cut so his hands seemed longer. I think he stayed in a monastry and was looked after there.
There might have had a bird, wings, butterfly or something like that in the title.

Sound familar??


Thanks for teh replies.

Def not planet of the apes!

I looked up Orson Scott Card's books and none of the titles seem familiar :roll:

It is really annoying me now, so much so that for future reference I am listing every book I read with title, author, a short description and review!


i've never read The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russel, but that sounds like the premise.

only they're not mormons, they're Jesuits ~ big difference.

: D