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Anyone know any short, quick novels. (1 Viewer)

Eiji Tunsinagi

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I want to read some stuff I can take in quickly and gets straight to the point....but yet at the same time, good (as should be expected). Any suggestions?


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Depends on what genre you like. Frankenstein is a very short, quick read (I read it in an afternoon) as are most of Poe's work. In the midrange, Madeleine L'Engle or John Bellairs both write fairly short books. Or you can always look into short story collections.


Dogs of Babel, I read it on a one hour plane ride and it was very enjoyable.


Eiji Tunsinagi said:
I want to read some stuff I can take in quickly and gets straight to the point....but yet at the same time, good (as should be expected). Any suggestions?

Many of Kurt Vonnegut's books meet your criteria and have the added bonus of being very, very good.


I found Fahrenheit 451 to be a fast read, and a classic, of course. 1984 also was good.

I did, however, have the benefit of never having to read either for school, so they were pure pleasure-reading.


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1984 is not a short novel.

Slaughterhouse Five is fairly short, and it's easy to get through because it's so engrossing. It was over long before I wanted it to be. So it goes.


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Yes it is. Very short, very to the point, and very good. It's a pity Orwell died so young (40ish is young, dammit)...

The Thing

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The Rats - James Herbert
Slugs - Shaun Hutson
The Manitou - Graham Masterton

Most 70's/early 80's horror stories are short, pulpy fun. Just don't expect anything deep and meaningful.


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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Our school has 15 minuit reading classes after lunch (I can only think of 3 other people in our entire school who read. The low litiracy rate was why it was implimented.). It only took me less than two weeks of these classes to finish it. so thats little over two hours.

It was on our reading list in both grade 8 and 10. I hated it in grade 8 but now I love the book, I think it's because of reading it myself.

You might want to try the Chronicals of Narnia books. That is if you don't mind the Christian allegory.


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The two I was going to say have already been said:

Of Mice and Men- Steinbeck
Anthem- Ayn Rand
(I feel so American!)


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Night by Elie Weisel.

- Harrowing account of the holocaust.

Animal Farm by George Orwell.

- Read in one night. Simple allegory but with a poignant message.

Crash by JG Ballard.

- Under 200 pages, if you can stand constant references to engine coolant and semen.

Generation X by Douglas Coupland.

- Fairly short too, lucidly written in a converation kind of way,.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

- A novella, but a classic. One of my favorites.

Heart of Darknesss by Joseph Conrad.

- Also a novella. Another classic. Lots of depth.

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut.

- Little drawings and vulgarity make this hilarious. Small chapters make it easy to read in increments.