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Anyone Interested In Working On A Collaberative Youtube Video Project? (1 Viewer)

Ethan IV

Hi, just wonderng, I'm working on a little something for youtube (basically a few different short miniserieses) that will be animated using CGI/Machinima technology, just for fun.

Does anyone here think they might be kind enough to help with this project, and maybe help with storyline planning, or write an episode or two?

(Each 'episode' is only 4-12 minutes)



Senior Member
Might be an idea to give people a synopsis on what sort of "mini-series" you're filming - eg genre.


Like Kimba said, I may be interested depending on what they're about. Shoot me a PM

Linton Robinson

Senior Member
Amazing. Just today I was walking in the rain, thinking about suicide. No, wait that was later. I was thinking it would be very cool to just make some little movies using Posers or something. But I don't know how to do that. Best I can manage is animated .gif files.
And here you are, just asking for it.

So yeah, I'm interested, definitely. I'm an experienced professional writer with a lot of scripts under my belt. I think you are swinging ahead of a major curve here and it might be a productive waste of time.
Can you send me a PM?
I'll send you a link to some of scripts. If you have strong ideas on what you want to do, the earlier you put them forth to a writer, the better. If not, we can toss around a few things.