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Hello there!

Heard about this site from a friend, figured I'd check it out during the (Extensive) down-time today. Quick, hopefully non-self indulgent bit of relevant self-information: Just finished my Bachelor's in English, I'm finally able to read and write things I want to write now, instead of things I have to, and hopefully here can continue working on my writing, while still able to talk to like-minded people about literature, their pieces, my pieces, and whatever else.

Thanks for reading!



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Thanks for the replies guys... So before I do anything else, I'm a little confused as to where to post certain stuff. For instance, if I had a short piece I wanted to slap in here and let people read, do I put it in the workshopping board, the looking for advice board, or the short story board?

Thanks in advance

Lost in Some Story

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Hi and welcome. If you want it critiqued, post it in the critique board. If you just want to post it, post it in the short story board.