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Anyone Else a Self-Appointed, Full Time Writer? (1 Viewer)

Justin Attas

Senior Member
When I was really honest with myself, writing was always what I waned to do. Not as a hobby or side-gig. I wanted it all the time, and I had the passion to do it. So... I quit my day job to see if having time would really remedy the roadblocks to breaking out. The result... well...

I'm much happier than I ever was working other jobs. I don't feel like I'm wasting my potential as a writer anymore. But I am flat broke. My wife is totally for it and supports us while I desperately flail to make it as a self-published author and small business (writing mentor/instructor). So I am much happier, but I'm also very stressed. And frustrated from all the industry blockades. Trying to give myself some compassion since it's only been a year, but I always thought if I could just do this full-time, it would finally happen. That I'd succeed!

I do spend every day doing exactly what I want to do, so I guess that's success. It'd be nice if it didn't feel more like I was an anchor bringing our ship down though. Anyone else in a similar boat? I haven't really met anyone who was, yet. Figured this might be the place to finally meet a kindred soul.

Anyway, hope you're all doing okay during this quarantine. Keep writing and stay safe.

Olly Buckle

Sorry, I am not the one. I write for pleasure mainly. It would be nice to be recognised but all that work self advertising, no thanks. Me and the missus did live in a bus for four years when we first met though. So much light, it comes in from all sides, wonderful.


Senior Member
It's tough to make it as a writer, but you never know whether or not you have what it takes unless you try. Plus, you have a supportive wife who believes in you! :encouragement:

Personally, I'm baffled by some of the prose and poetry that are popular these days, but I'm old. That could be why.

Justin Attas

Senior Member
You hit the nail on the head, there. The writing/creation aspect of it is awesome. My success hinging on people paying attention to it? That's the hard part. So much self-promotion. I try not to be spammy and always make sure it's the people who really need help who see my stuff. That's crazy that you two lived in a bus too! We currently live in our 2000 bluebird!

Justin Attas

Senior Member
I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have that support. Also, I totally agree! The books I see at major retailers are so infuriating. Like good for them for finding commercial success, I'll never denounce that. It just grinds my gears how many of their ideas are recycled/rely on thoroughly fleshed out topics while so many undiscovered writers struggle with unique, clever, original stories.