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Anyone doing Script Frenzy? (1 Viewer)


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The site says June 1st (or did you mean signing up rather than writing?). Of course writing a script in a month is much easier than writing a novel in a month, at least in terms of getting the words on the page!


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Yeah, sign ups start today... there has been a delay in the site going up, but they said late today or tomorrow.

There is a lot of action on the forums for the month leading up to the actual event, that is why I mentioned the site is going up, but yeah the actual event is from june 1 to the 30th


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Short Tooth said:
What's the general gist of the place? I'm about to head out the door...

It is basically identical to Nanowrimo but with a stageplay or screenplay.

Write a script in a month.. it is a great project with lots of people on the forum and whattnot....

now if they would just get the site up!!!


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I am planning to participate in Script frenzy...starts towmorrow!!!

Though my first attempt, I am very excited.