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Anyone a fan of Norman Mailer? (1 Viewer)



When I read his bio, I couldn't help but exclaim, wow, this guy's a genius! But i backed off a little when i heard his books imply violent sexual acts, and feminists are against him. lol. i'm tempted to read his books, but i'm not very fond of men treating women like crap. are his books worth reading?

Eli Cash

Senior Member
The guy had two Pulitzers, so I think it's pretty safe to say he could write a bit.

If you're looking for stuff to start with, i'd go:

1. Executioner's Song
2. Armies of the Night
3. The Naked and the Dead

First two are non-fiction and the winners of the aforementioned Pulitzers. Last one is his novel which thrust him onto the literary scene. My personal favorite of his was The Fight, about the "rumble in the jungle". One part of it is especially good, where Mailer goes for a run with Muhammad Ali in the early morning after Mailer had just gotten home from being out all night drinking.

Dr. Malone

Hmm. Sounds interesting. I've been meaning to check this guy out. I've heard a lot about The Fight, and it was all good reviews.
Thanks for reminding me about it, gratx, and for the recomendations, Eli. Now it's off to the library.

Eli Cash

Senior Member
Y'know, I was just reading Sports Illustrated last night and the obituary mentioned the same four books I talked about above, as well as the part in The Fight where Mailer goes for a run with Ali.

Nobody is going to believe this, but I swear I wrote the post above before reading that article.

That is all.