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Any screen writers in here... (1 Viewer)



I have just completed my manuscript and my editor told me to seek out a screenwriter.


Not exactly sure.

First I need a publisher or agent, for the book.

I was told by my editor that it would make a far better movie than it would a book.


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Well, without being a negatice nancy, I think that you should try to get it published first. Ideas that are books for are so much more likely to get made into a film. Then you can seek out a screenwriter and give them to rights to make the film (or, if your book does well... they might pay YOU for the rights).

OR...? Have you thought about turning it into a screenplay yourself? If it already reads like a movie, perhaps you already have the key movie elements. A little formatting here and there, maybe post some pages here... we could help you through the process. Again though, it still is more likely to be made into a movie if you get the manuscript published or presented in someway before the screenplay.

I can't emphasize it enough. Lots of screenplays don't get made, just like books don't get published. What often happens is that a screenplay is used to represent the quality of the writer's work (a calling card, if you may) and then a production company gets them to write an idea that they already have been working on.

Maybe you could post some of your novel here to get some tips, or make some friends of some peeps that have found agents and publishers. Stick around, make friends. You'll get pointed in the right direction. :)


Thanks for the advice wallmaker, I have sent out about 50 query letters and have received 6 responses. Only one asked for sample chapters so far, but it's only been 7 business days so no biggy.

To be honest I just want to see the book published. I am not making a dime on it either way.


That is so funny because I was told the exact opposite, I was told to write my screenplay as a novel first to build a fan base because it would be too hard a sell for a first time writer such as myself with the budget it would require. I am here trying to get tips on how to better write the novel because I have screenplay formatting down pat. But Wallmaker's advise is great and exactly the same advise as I got from a production company.

Linton Robinson

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It is WAY harder to sell a screenplay than a book.
Unless it's a cheaply produce-able indie thing with loads of appeal or low-budget horror.

Unless your book is so cool that getting it published will be no problem, your chances of finding somebody willing to adapt it to screenplay will be very slim. Unless you are planning to pay the screenwriter for the adaptation, in which case, let's talk.


Hi. I’ve just completed my movie script. Any ideas on where I can publish or sell it? Thanks



There has been a development...2 agents that I querried asked for sample chapters.