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Any recommendations? (1 Viewer)


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I want to read a good book, but I tend to be really picky. I recently enjoyed the book "Prep", though. I like books about teenagers but not written for young adults, you know what I mean? Just, mature books. I also liked "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and "A Separate Peace". Anyone have any recommendations based on that type of book?


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A Clockwork Orange is written about a teenager and is definitely a mature read. Most young adults, even many adults, couldn't get through it. It's very good, but you have to be willing to give the strange language a chance. It's almost like it's in another language, but it's just familiar enough that by the time the story gets going you understand nadsat, the language it's written in.

Very good read.


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Battle Royale is about teenagers... and it is very mature... sense they spend the entire book killing eachother. It is an excellent book, very interesting characters and it is terrifyingly realistic what the different kids are thinking.

Otto Ray Sing

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You might check out some of the Orson Scott Card books. He has some good plots, but he does have a language and content problem. For lighter reading you might try some of the books by John Moore. I especially liked Heroics for Beginners. Some of Mecedes Lackey's work might fit your criteria. I really like her Elves hotrodding around in California.

New Moon

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I really love "Emily of New Moon" by L.M. Montgomery. Although it covers Emily's life from the time she's 11, so it's not just a book about a teenager.