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Any Latin Speakers? Seeking Universities for Latin (1 Viewer)


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Where I come from, all law and medicine students have to learn some basic Latin. Since there are people teaching them, somebody somewhere must be teaching the Latin teachers. I don't know any specifics, though. Better check the websites of the universities near you.


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I did a GCSE in Latin. A while ago though now, and I've not really used it since...


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Does anyone speak Latin or is learning how to? Are there any universities that teach Latin?
It would help if we knew where you lived, all the top British univerities teach the classics, Latin and Ancient Greek, otherwise there are books available, but as nobody has lived there recently, pronounciation is open to interpretation. When I was at school we all did 3 years of Latin and could continue if one had the aptitude - I didn't, physics was more my thing. The following may help:



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I should do, there used to be an Italian bakery which did the best almond croissant - my brother lives in Ballydown Crescent...