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Any Elizabeth Wurtzel fans? (1 Viewer)



I've read "Prozac Nation" and am now moving on to "More, Now, Again." I must say that I absolutely LOVE her writing style. The great metaphors and amount of detail she uses makes me feel as if I know the thing or person almost as well as she does. I can't wait to get further into "More, Now, Again."

"Prozac Nation" was very meaningful to me, though, as I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Truly amazing how much Anxiety and Depression have in common. I related, so much, to what she had to say.



i found Prozac Nation quite annoying - the style was ok but she seemed so whiny! i read Bitch also and i didnt quite understand why - if in prozac nation her esteem is so low and she is so disenchanted about the way she is (and i am under the impression that it is an autobiography) why does she pose half naked on the cover of her books? or i totally missed the point and at the end of PN she got better and became a fully functioning, clothes shedding, normal memeber of society?