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Another newbie in the mist (1 Viewer)



I'm g-paw (grandpa) and obviously a new member to this forum.

Why am I here?
I am currently editing and preparing a book for publication, and frankly, I don't know everything. I'm very hopeful to discover the questions that I need to ask, and the answers.

What are my qualifications?
I'm a poet (self-published), English language fanatic, webmaster, and now editor.

What am I doing?
I have a friend who has spent the last ten years writing her book. She is ready to publish... almost. Anyway, my goal is try to get this book published. Our first goal is the creation of an e-book, to be followed with an actual print copy. She has some ideas about the print publisher, I tend to believe there may be a better publisher. Basically, I'm working directly with the author, a task that is not particularly easy.

There we go, my first post. I truly hope to discover most, if not all, of the things that I need to know in this forum.


Hello and welcome, g-paw. May you find whatever it is you seek (and then tell me so we both know. ;)).


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Hi there, g-paw, and welcome to the forum. I'm into editing, too, so perhaps I be of any help. I also owned a publishing company for a while. I'm always willing to help out!