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Another n00b unto the fold! (1 Viewer)


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Hi all. I found this site last night while looking for... well, a writing forum. Great setup you've got here. I really look forward to seeing everything you've all got to offer, and hope to add a few contributions of my own. So good to see that there are so many like-minded individuals out there! I'll loiter around the forums for a while until I get used to how it all works. Cheers for now!
Welcome, I have only been here a week, or so, but I have enjoyed the place. I have posted some stuff. I have been going through, that dreaded writers block, for a couple months.

A friend of mine told me to join a forum one that would be brutal, when needed to be. I made a mistake the first time I posted, I posted four chapters of a novel I am working on…Boy did they get flustered….LOL…well I wont do that again.

No one has really read it or looked at it... I am sure because of the size of it 9,000 words. I may repost it in smaller increments if I can….

Anyway I just wanted to say hello, and give you that advice.



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Funny, I haven't been getting email notifications of all these greets. (Yes, I have the option set to do so!) Anyway, thanks all for your welcomes and advice. I intend to start by posting shorter stuff so as not to "fluster" anyone, as you said, RRP! :D

Any pointers as to where to start? It's all a bit daunting ATM. Most of my work is contemporary-ish poetry, and I have recently been challenging myself to do short stories. Is there any kind of "genre" system, i.e. Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi etc?